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Beige Vanity Linen tote bag with embroidery by MC2 Saint Barth

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Introducing the Vanity Linen Bag – a tasteful accessory that strikes the perfect balance between structure and versatility. Crafted from premium linen, this medium-structured bag offers a sophisticated yet adaptable addition to your wardrobe. The bag features a meticulously embroidered logo, adding an elegant and personalized touch to its design. The embroidery enhances the overall aesthetic without compromising the bag's moderate structure. Designed for those who appreciate a refined and timeless look, the Vanity Linen tote bag is ideal for various occasions. Its medium-level structure ensures that it maintains a polished appearance while allowing for a degree of flexibility. Elevate your ensemble with the understated charm of the Vanity Linen tote bag, where the breathable linen material meets tasteful embroidery in a harmonious fusion of style and functionality.
Vanity Linen tote bag
Beige plain color
Exclusive Saint Barth logo print
Zipped closure
Inner zipped pocket

Dimensions: 40 x 32 x 20 cm
Composition: 100% linen

Beige Vanity Linen tote bag with embroidery by MC2 Saint Barth

€165,00 EUR

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